Sim E-Games Updates

Registration will be opened when games are ready

All of the sport simulations had issues with accuracy; for example, the baseball either resulted in home runs or strikeouts a majority of the time. We will make tweaks and run more tests through September and October until we feel that it's the most accurate sport simulations available.
Testing on the sport games started today (for the July-August seasons). If everything is working, we'll display the test seasons for September-October and November-December as they play out. Then we should be ready for customer play beginning January, 2021.
After a long lull in game planning, they are being worked on again. The hopeful release for most (if not all) games is the end of 2020. Games currently being worked on are racing games (auto and horse); sport player games (baseball, basketball, and football); territorial war games (kingdom battle, oceanic battle, and space war); and adventure games (monsters & caverns, pirate pillage, treasure hunt, vampire hunt, and zombie apocalypse).